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achieve more with less stress

The Real Estate industry is one of constant stress. Working as a broker we face ever changing conditions in the field and the market, increasing competition, new technologies to master, and the demands of our clients.  Our responsibilities include problem solving and overcoming roadblocks in every transaction. 


We must operate a peak performance every day.

Despite ample studies demonstrating the positive impact mindfulness has on performance, most real estate brokers are just happy to get through this gauntlet, with little attention to our mental state.


We get trained in lead generation strategies, time management, rules and regulations. But, there is almost no actionable training provided that gives us access to our “inner game”.


Mindfulness in the workplace is an awareness of thoughts, emotions, and actions that enables an objective, collected approach to accomplishing tasks. People tend to distractedly multi-task to cope with their numerous obligations. This leads to a lack of getting objectives accomplished and increased stress.


This course is designed for real estate professionals, specifically to address not only the importance our mindset makes on our performance but on how to master it to produce a more fulfilling experience for us and our clients.  Understanding and applying mindfulness in our daily routines and business interactions will transform the way we engage with clients, handle stress, and pursue success.


These practices are not only compatible with the desire to grow our businesses but are essential for thriving (not just surviving) in a competitive market.  Through practical exercises and personalized insights, we’ll learn to integrate mindfulness into our daily work, enhancing our focus, resilience, and client relations.   This leads to not only increased business success but also a more fulfilling and balanced personal life with less overwhelm and burnout that chases so many from our industry.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the effects of chaos and stress on real estate brokers

  • Enhance Client Engagement and Stress Management through Mindfulness

  • Leverage Mindful Practices to be more effective with Real Estate clients and transactions

  • Integrate Mindfulness and gratefulness into their real estate business

TIme management is a joke...
and the joke's on you

As a Realtor, it’s all too easy to get overwhelmed and live with an out-of-whack work/life balance. Being exhausted to the point of burnout is just par for the course in today’s “hustle” culture.

Even the solutions we talk about, including outsourcing, Virtual Assistants, new time management software, or fancy planners, never seem to get the issues resolved permanently.

The work just seems to keep coming and every time we level ourselves up it comes with the threat of more to do than we can handle.

It’s time to stop the insanity of trying variations of what hasn’t worked in the past (hoping for a different result) and come at the situation from a new perspective.

If you’re looking to increase your productivity while also having more time to be with your family and passions this workshop is for you.

Course Objectives

  • Answer the question “Are you too busy?” and identify for whom

  • Identify different approaches to manage tasks

  • Look at non productive activities

  • Identify what the primary responsibilities of an agent are

  • Create three practices to master 

make your phone ring with referrals

There are thousands of ways to separate agents from their money with lead generation programs, advertising, and web-based marketing schemes.  But, the most powerful way to generate new and ongoing business is from an agent’s sphere of influence.

This is important because the consumer needs to have a “trusted” professional to work with in selling real estate investments.  Real property is often the largest investment of most consumers in our country!  They need to choose a real estate professional carefully.

It is also important that the consumer know WHY they are choosing that real estate agent.  What are the qualifications that set him or her apart from the crowd? 

Knowing how to, and then implementing a plan to, be the go to person for your sphere of influence and past clients is critical.

Most real estate agents have a plan to get organized and have a sphere of influence in a database. Still, only about 20% of the agents have a current workable database.

And, most agents hesitate to follow up.  Sometimes being busy is an excuse. Sometimes fear. Sometimes a lack of organization.  But, follow-up with prospects is directly proportional to the success of a real estate agent.

Course Objectives

  • Understand the importance of a referral business

  • Identify how clients choose real estate agents

  • Be clear on the reasons a prospect chooses you.

  • Create a working sphere of influence that grows

  • Generate referrals from a sphere of influence database

  • Best practices for following up

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