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Gratitude, Shmatitude - 10 Reasons to Forget About Gratitude

Ah, gratitude. That ever-popular buzzword in the world of wellness and self-improvement. You've probably heard all about the benefits of practicing gratitude, but let's be real—why bother? Here are the top 10 reasons to absolutely, definitely NOT practice gratitude.

1. Perpetual Bliss is Overrated: Who wants to live a life filled with joy and contentment? Sounds like a real snooze fest. The constant state of annoyance and discontent is far more invigorating.

2. Complaining is an Art: Why ruin a perfectly good hobby? Complaining is not only therapeutic, but it’s also a great way to bond with others. Nothing brings people together like a good gripe session about the weather, politics, or how overrated avocados are.

3. Reality TV Would Lose Its Charm: If you start practicing gratitude, you might find yourself less interested in the drama and pettiness of reality TV. And honestly, who wants to live in a world where you can't enjoy watching adults throw wine at each other in fancy restaurants?

4. Social Media Envy is the New Yoga: Why practice gratitude when you can scroll through social media and feel envious of everyone's seemingly perfect lives? It's the perfect way to stretch your comparison muscles and boost your feeling of FOMO.

5. Therapists Need Love Too: If everyone started practicing gratitude, therapists might be out of a job. Think of the economy! Plus, you'd miss out on those cozy couch sessions where you get to dive deep into your angst.

6. The Joy of Materialism: Gratitude could lead to a sense of contentment with what you have. This is obviously a slippery slope to not wanting more stuff, which is clearly un-American.

7. Holiday Dinners Would be Boring: Imagine a Thanksgiving where everyone just goes around the table saying what they’re grateful for, and no one argues about politics or the correct way to carve a turkey. Yawn.

8. Less Exciting Grocery Store Conversations: If you're grateful, you might not scowl at the person with 12 items in the 10-item express lane, and then you’d miss out on bonding with the cashier over it.

9. Undermining the Beauty of Cynicism: Cynicism and sarcasm have taken years to perfect. Why let a little thing like gratitude ruin your well-crafted persona of being unimpressed by everything?

10. Ruins the Element of Surprise: If you’re always expecting good things and feeling grateful, you'll no longer get that adrenaline rush from being pleasantly surprised. And who would want to live without that unpredictable spike of dopamine?

So, there you have it. Stick

to your guns, keep that gratitude at bay, and ensure a life full of delightful dissatisfaction and splendid cynicism. After all, isn’t that what happiness is all about?

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