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Mindfulness Training for Realtors and Sales Teams.

Motivation and inspiration are fine, and we all certainly need training in the "how to's" of sales. But without designing new mindsets, along with the habits and practices to keep them alive, the rest of what we're trained in tends to fade away.

Combining over 30 years of transformational leadership, mindfulness instruction,  and a proven track record as a top real estate broker, Aaron offers outside-the-box training that combines practical strategies with ontological conversations that make a lasting change.

Participants in his programs emerge with a fresh perspective, heightened effectiveness, greater satisfaction, and lasting peace of mind.

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Brokers and Team Leaders all want to take their business to the next level, but don't always have the time or resources to do it.

It's tough running your own business while also trying to teach and learn new skills and strategies.

That's why I offer online and in-person training that will teach your team how to Perform, Produce, and Profit with Presence. With my help, you'll be able to focus on what else you need to do and leave the training up to me.

About Mobile

About Aaron

Aaron Hendon is a best-selling real estate author, certified mindfulness instructor, international speaker, and managing broker of Christine & Company at eXp Realty. He has been a top-producing, award-winning agent since 2013.

Born in New York, Aaron graduated from SUNY Purchase with a BFA in 1997. Discovering his fine art degree made him eligible to work in the food service industry anywhere in the country he headed to NM to wait tables.

Soon he was baking for the restaurant, winning blue ribbons in the NM State Fair for his whole wheat challah and sourdough rye. Eventually, he opened Fred’s Bread & Bagel, a real New York bagel shop in Albuquerque, selling it 9 years later as a concern selling over $1M and employing 40+.

Aaron's calling in life is "people have the experience of their own agency" and in the fulfillment of that has been dedicated to helping others achieve their highest levels of performance since 1995. He's coached over 10,000 people, leading programs both online and in-person to rooms of over 200 participants.

He lives on a small island off the coast of Seattle with his brilliant wife, Kael, his two brilliant children, Leela (20) and Jonah (17), and his adoring (if not brilliant) Golden Doodle, Rozy.

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Talks and Workshops

Custom lengths and formats available based on need

Mindfulness for Real Estate Professionals
(truthfully -  mindfulness is for everyone)

As professionals we get trained in lead generation strategies, time management, rules and regulations and yet there is almost no actionable training provided that gives us access to our “inner game”.


This course is designed for real estate professionals, specifically to address not only the importance our mindset makes on our performance but on how to master it to produce a more fulfilling experience for us and our clients.


Understanding and applying mindfulness in our daily routines and business interactions will transform the way we engage with clients, handle stress, and pursue success.

This has been approved by WA State as a 3-clock-hour class and is available in multiple formats for different needs.

Time Management is a Joke
(and the joke is on you)

As a Realtor, it’s all too easy to get overwhelmed and live with an out-of-whack work/life balance. Being exhausted to the point of burnout is just par for the course in today’s “hustle” culture.

Even the solutions we talk about, including outsourcing, Virtual Assistants, new time management software, or fancy planners, never seem to get the issues resolved permanently.

The work just seems to keep coming and every time we level ourselves up it comes with the threat of more to do than we can handle.

It’s time to stop the insanity of trying variations of what hasn’t worked in the past (hoping for a different result) and come at the situation from a new perspective.

If you’re looking to increase your productivity while also having more time to be with your family and passions this workshop is for you.

This has been approved by WA State as a 3-clock-hour class and is available in multiple formats for different needs.


From Grind to Flow: Uncovering Your Life's True North

The grind never stops.
Hustle, Grind. Execute.
Rise and Shine. Hustle and Grind.

The glorification of "hustle culture" is endemic to be sure, but am I the only one tired of hustle culture?  And I mean both burned out and just plain old bored?

Have you ever wondered if there was a path to success through flow (rather than just through "grind")?


What does it look like to achieve success and fulfillment through inspired action as a Realtor?

Is it possible to eliminate the division between work life and personal life by intentionally creating a life that fulfills what really matters to you?


These are the questions From Grind to Flow: Uncovering Your Life's True North allows people to answer for themselves.

Attendees will learn how to

  • Articulate their personal True North - a vision for their life that leaves them inspired

  • Unleash their potential as they work toward fulfilling what matters to them

  • Create the cornerstone of a business and life they love

  • Equip themselves path methodically and deliberately. with the tools and strategies for carving their own

It’s time to experience a new way of working - one that allows you to flow with purpose and direction.

Discovering your personal True North, what matters most to you, and allowing it to guide your work, will allow you to create a roadmap to fulfillment and success you can follow with ease and joy.

This is a 90-minute interactive workshop, available in person or online.




Aaron is an incredible communicator, and inspiring leader. I am very impressed with his ability to clearly communicate difficult concepts, and bring people around to his point of view. Aaron has a deep commitment to seeing the people around him succeed, and he has the ability to really support them in a meaningful fashion to finding their success. 

Mike Adams

Solutions Architect at Los Alamos National Laboratory


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